Friday, October 17, 2014

Before and After {#projectdelicatenursery Reveal!!}

I am so excited to share my latest client reveal! I have been working on a girl's nursery with a wonderful local client. She lives in a gorgeous 1930's home and the room has a lot of great potential. The space has beautiful hardwood floors, glass door knobs and loads of character. My client did a great job purchasing the area rug, dresser and crib before we met. I came in to make suggestions on wall color, accessories and the rest of the furnishings. Here is the room before we started...


We immediately started talking about wall color and how we wanted to lighten it up and give the nursery a warm glow that feels cozy and inviting. She wanted the space to feel soft and delicate and a room her soon to be daughter can grow with. We met a couple of weeks later and I presented her with the design plan...

The Design Plan

{To read more about this design board, I spoke about it in a post HERE.}

We basically went ahead with every plan, but changed the art a bit along the way. Here are the after pictures...


My clients are so happy with the room and I am so excited they love it! There are only a few elements left to fully complete the room. We have a beautiful paper cut mobile going above the crib that has yet to arrive. My client chose the gold lotus ceiling pendant, but it is currently out of stock. In the meantime, we also love the character of the original brass fixture. That might work out after all. Also, wall ledges for book display will be mounted to the right of the glider. I will go into more detail about the space in the coming weeks. Now we anxiously await for this beautiful bundle of joy to arrive!

Thank you so much to my amazing clients for allowing me to share the nursery! 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Updates in Our Living Room ... Finally!

You know what they say, better late than never! About a year ago, I purchased an upholstered chair to go in our living room. It sits in front of our secretary desk and I love the juxtaposition of the upholstered chair with the wood furniture piece. Juxtaposition, huh?!? Using big words and two blog posts in two days... somebody stop me!  :) This chair is on casters and the kids have actually loved using it to curl up and read. Before, we just used our wooden desk chair.


It wasn't very comfortable and we rarely used the space. Fast forward to something more user friendly and it's a new favorite spot!


It lightens up the dark wood and I like that the space gets used more often. That's what a home is all about, right?!? Pretty and functional. I found this chair (which is actually on casters!) at TJ Maxx. Maybe that's why it's popular with the kids. What kid doesn't love to spin in a chair?!? I replaced the coral accessory with my little seasonal pumpkin I made last year. To see how I made that, visit HERE.

So that's out little update (from last year!) How about you... any room changes you wish to share???
Even if it's from last year, I won't judge!  :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Before and After {E Design Client Progress}

I always enjoy getting progress and after photos in my inbox! Truly makes my day. I have some updates to show you on two e-design projects that wrapped up this past year. First up, is a client who has a mid century modern, eclectic, bohemian style. She wanted that reflected in her living room, which is the space directly off of the foyer. Here is where the room started...


I love the character in my client's home. We kept the gorgeous rug, but replaced everything you see here with new pieces. We felt the furniture was a bit oversized for the space and my client wanted a more streamlined, cleaner look for the room. Here is the design board I came up with for this space...

The Design Plan

She is almost done implementing the design plan! Today, I am showing you a sneak peek of the left corner of the room, where the table and chairs are shown in the pictures.

After in Progress

I just love the way the table lamps bring that eclectic, collected style to the room. I also love the way the gourd lamp compliments the art print above the desk. The room is lighter and brighter and I can't wait to show you more, soon!

My next e-design client was looking to completely transform her living room and foyer. We replaced almost everything in the room and the end result is pretty dramatic. Here is where the room started...


And here is the design plan I came up with for the spaces...

Design Plan

Today, I am showing you a sneak peek of the fireplace wall and the nooks beside the fireplace.


The DIY inverted arrows print she made turned out beautiful! I love the way the mirrors add a dramatic focal point and reflect the light around the room. The biggest impact for this space is the lighter paint color on the walls. What a difference! I also think a huge impact is the newly painted fireplace mantel. Painting over the wood stained mantel instantly modernized the room and this whole wall. I promise a full reveal of this space soon!

Great job to my amazing, wonderful clients! Thank you for letting me share your beautiful spaces with my readers. If you are looking to make your home better reflect your style, contact me at for more info.! I am currently booking for January 2015.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Check Out This Etsy Shop {A New Blog Series}

I am excited to introduce a new series to the blog... Check Out This Etsy Shop... Every week, I will highlight a favorite etsy shop of mine and I am kicking off this series with a good friend's shop! I met Shantelle a couple of years back and she is the sweetest, most genuine person you'll ever meet! In her shop Just Luved, Shantelle sells handmade rag quilts and other shabby sweet items. She has always loved the vintage appeal that rag quilts have and the originality that comes with a special handmade product. What I love about her shop is the ability to choose from the variety of quilts on her site or you can special order a quilt with the colors and fabric ideas for your space. It is such a meaningful and personal addition to a nursery and would also make a wonderful, thoughtful gift for a baby shower. I decided to take one of my favorite quilts from her shop and build a nursery around the color scheme. Here is the precious quilt...

And here is the nursery design I came up with...

I absolutely love the fabric patterns she chose for this quilt. The colors are so soft and serene and you can easily find coordinating pieces to work with the quilt. Shantelle loves the fabric selection process and has so much fun selecting the prints that go into each and every quilt she makes. You can tell her heart goes into the rag quilts she designs and I appreciate handmade items that are also meaningful. A win win in my book!

Check out her shop HERE to find that one of a kind gift for any nursery! Shantelle is kind enough to offer my readers a 10% discount off of any current shop listing!! The coupon is valid for existing shop items and not custom orders. The coupon code is AmberB2014 and is good until October 31st, 2014. 

Happy Shopping !!!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

What Has Caught My Eye Lately...

I have always enjoyed reading through 'blogger favorite' posts and I wish I had the organization to do that on a weekly basis! I must say, though, there are so many great design images going around blogland lately and on pinterest, that I had to gather up my favorites for you today!

{Her art can also be purchased at Furbish, HERE}

I really love this Schumacher favorite in the ebony colorway
{At this shop, you can choose your back fabric color!}

This new to me etsy shop sells this gorgeous Robert Allen fabric as a very affordable pillow cover!

So that's what I have spotted out and about lately! How about you... what would you add to the list???

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A New Local Client - #projectdelicatenursery

I have been starting to take on more local clients and it has been fun to watch that part of my design business grow. The process, while just as amazing as e-design, is different. Presentations are in person, with a real, tangible design board! This newest project was fun and exciting, because I had the privilege of working on a girl's nursery. I named this design #projectdelicatenursery because the colors, fabrics and textures are soft, neutral and pretty. Here are some pictures of the design board before the client presentation...

Floor Plan Options...

The presentation went very well! My client is ready to move forward with the plans and I couldn't be more excited for her and this new adventure!

Nurseries are so fun to think about and design. There are so many directions you can take a baby's room. What is so unique about kid's spaces in general, is that they can become an extension of the design of the rest of your house, while also being a space you can switch gears and have fun with! Here are some of the inspiration images for our project...


I am excited to continue sharing this project along the way! 

Whether you live locally or far, we can work together. I am currently offering both local and e-design packages. Please e-mail me at to get started. I still have a few spots available for the fall!
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